You, My Friend, Are a Genius.

It isn’t every day you’re told you’re a genius. I mean really, when was the last time someone told you “hey, I think you’re a genius” and you honestly believed them? I struggled for a long time with creativity and really didn’t see myself as a creative individual- a genius if you will. I knew that I could do things, but I’ve always had a hard time finding any added value in the things I could do. The truth is, we are geniuses, and just like Einstein, Newton, and Doc Brown, You and I have something of unique value that God wants to use for His Kingdom.

You’re a genius

My good friend Alan Briggs just released his new book Everyone’s A Genius, and I was afforded the opportunity to give it a read before it released. Long story short, I immediately connected with the message in the book. Suddenly I realized that my skills do have value to others for the sake of the Kingdom and that God was stirring me to use them. This book has been a great tool and a game changer that’s impacted many areas of my life.  I see myself and the world around me through a new lens, the lens of a genius.

Whether you’re a pastor, a cashier, a college student, an aspiring maker, a budding leader,  or someone who has a deep desire to create something but feels lost, the message in Everyone’s A Genius was written specifically for you. This book is sure to be a game changer in helping you unearth the God-given creative potential that lives inside you.

Challenge Time 

The message inEveryone’s A Genius is near and dear to my heart so I would love to gift you and a friend a copy. Just do the following:

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Before next weeks post, I’ll pick a random winner.


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