Why I Created The Round Table

I love sitting around a table with a cup of coffee chatting with my friends about life. We often chat about what we’re doing, what God is doing in our lives, any wins we’ve experienced, and any struggles we’re currently facing. These casual dialogues have been super beneficial in my own life and have played a tremendous role in my level Kingdom impact.

Inevitably, though, I went through a season of disconnection from others. In an effort to maximize my efficiency in the way I engaged others, my time chatting about life with friends and co-laborers in the kingdom was one of the first things to be scratched from my schedule. This led to a really unhealthy period of leadership for me. I soon realized that I had withdrawn from some very vital relationships and that I was, in fact, suffering as a leader.

Having come through the other side, I’ve learned the value of having a few “good guys” to lean on. I learned that I can’t effectively pour into others if I’m not being poured into and that my need for discipleship doesn’t simply end when I start disicpling someone else.

I said before that I believe leaders lose sight of their own needs as their platform and responsibilities increase. Healthy boundaries, intentional rest, and intentional relationships are often the first to be scratched from schedules because, when you spend time investing in others’ lives it’s very easy to lose sight of these needs. I’ve been there. I’ve done it, and I have the T-shirt- it was not a pretty season for me.

I strongly value connections and fellowship with others. So, with that, I created The Round Table.

One of the most important things a kingdom laborer needs is an outlet to connect with others- a gathering place. So, think of this as your own digital coffee shop. We’re always open so grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join the discussion!

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