Life Lessons In The Midst of Madness

The last few months have been challenging for me. For starters, God provided an opportunity for me and my wife to relocate from Atlanta back to Virginia. As always, His timing was perfect, but in my eyes, this came at a very interesting time…

Time Crunch

In a matter of days, we went from planning the remainder of 2017 in Atlanta to searching and planning the start of a new chapter, in a new state, all in a matter of 12 weeks. My stomach tightened and chest pounded at the thought of managing a move while navigating the waters of a full-time job, ministry, education, and marriage. What’s a guy to do? Well, for starters, a few tough decisions had to be made.

I had to look at all the “things” I had going on and re-prioritize them and make the tough decision to say no to several of the things I enjoy in order to accomplish things such as moving, facets of ministry, packing up my life, and education in a healthy manner. So, things like Podcasting and writing had to take a second level seat.

The Move

The timeline from October to December approached in what seemed like an instant. Our once neat and tidy condo in the city was now a chaotic scene comprised of boxes stacked as high as the ceiling and copious amounts of packing tape. I hate packing tape. I remember wondering how all our stuff would fit into the moving truck and what we would do with everything once we made it to Virginia. Pro Tip: If you ever want to see how much stuff you can live without, pack it up and move.

Life Lessons in the midst of madness

I mentioned before that Gods timing was perfect and that well, I didn’t really trust Him at the time.  First, I learned that my wife is a packing ninja and without her, I’d still be sitting in Atlanta putting stuff in boxes. She is amazing! Everybody needs a ninja in their corner. Let’s face it, its impossible to think we can be 100% effective with every task all the time, so having a ninja or two in our respective corners is vital to our health as leaders.


Always trust in God when he shows up and shows out. When He moves, it isn’t always comfortable for us and often leaves us asking questions like “why now?” and “how?” Just remember, when he brings you to it, he will bring you through it. As a Kingdom leader, you’ll always have seasons God is challenging you-Trust Him.


I found a renewed value in effective communication from a relational level. I’ve always communicated with others by providing direction. This season reminded me that it’s vitally important to know when to ask for help. When Life happens, you cant expect champion all of your duties on your own. Sometimes healthy leadership looks like knowing when you need help and then communicating that need to those around you.

Time & Energy Management:

I have my hands in several buckets so it’s important for me to map my time accordingly. I’ve mentioned before that as humans we only have a finite amount of energy at our disposal and as leaders, we need to steward that energy well. When the big move came upon us, I had to take a step back and reassess certain areas I was dipping into and shift my focus accordingly so that I was effective in the areas that were of utmost importance. Other areas were temporarily placed on hold until I could effectively and efficiently re-engage them.

Tool Time

Here’s my point- Life is going to happen. As a leader, you have to be adaptable and know when to reallocate your time and energy so that things that are the most important don’t suffer. For me, it was four big things- school, moving, marriage, critical ministry duties. Those areas required the most time and energy from me so I had to move or suspend other things like Writing, podcasting, and traveling until I could drop other items from my plate. These were tough, albeit healthy decisions that needed to be made in order to maintain a healthy impact in other areas.


  • Think of a crazy time in your life. What did it look like? How did you handle it? Could you have done something differently?


  • Identify 2 or 3 people who have ninja skills in areas that could assist you.


  • Name a time when you didn’t communicate well with others when you needed help. Was there a ninja you could have reached out to?


  • What are 3 things on your plate right now that could be eliminated so that you can focus on other areas, like relationships, ministry, career, or education?



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