Philosophy and A Biblical Approach To Leadership

           Christian Ministry is, at its core, disciple-making. The labor of Christian ministry should be approached with the mindset of developing faith and spiritual foundations of other people. It is, then, vital that any individual engaging in Christian ministry have a clear understanding and solid foundation regarding their beliefs, because those beliefs and the degree … Continue reading Philosophy and A Biblical Approach To Leadership

Isolated Faith

Are you isolated? You probably answered that question with an emphatic "no!" Now that I’ve got your attention I want to talk for a moment about being isolated and how isolation stagnates our growth as godly men. We’ve all seen videos or read stories about some guy who goes off in to the wilderness to … Continue reading Isolated Faith

Why I Created The Round Table

I love sitting around a table with a cup of coffee chatting with my friends about life. We often chat about what we’re doing, what God is doing in our lives, any wins we’ve experienced, and any struggles we’re currently facing. These casual dialogues have been super beneficial in my own life and have played … Continue reading Why I Created The Round Table

Don’t Be a Yes Man

Some people need to learn how to say no. Because every time they say yes, they say no to themselves.” ― Danny Wallace, Yes Man I was Danny Wallace. I was a Yes Man. My nature has always been to please people, often times at the expense of my own health. For years, I held … Continue reading Don’t Be a Yes Man